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The WhisperPhone helps you teach more effectively and improve language development skills quicker.

This innovative product greatly accelerates learning when paired with strong student/educator connections. Learn more about how WhisperPhone works!

WhisperPhone Element

Ideal for learners and the tactilely sensitive who prefer to hold their WhisperPhone rather than wearing the Solo headset. Fits children grades K-4 and is dishwasher safe for a healthy learning environment.

WhisperPhone Duet

Ideal for a quiet classroom during paired reading or one-on-one learner/educator teaching activities. Includes two handsets and a voice tube expandable up to 6 feet for direct auditory feedback.

WhisperPhone Select

Manage a speech activity with up to six students, or reconfigure the Select components into three pairs. Turn the dial to receive immediate feedback on the pronunciation of a learner through this easy-to-use amplification tool.

How WhisperPhone Works

Which WhisperPhone is right for your learning scenario? Watch the video to learn the intended application for each of our auditory feedback tool designs.

Applications for Parents, Teachers and SLPs

The WhisperPhone helps teachers, parents, and SLPs accelerate learning in many different scenarios. This auditory feedback tool can help you give learners immediate feedback on their speaking volume, pitch, and pronunciation. Best of all, it is fun for all ages!

Educational Activities

Some of the learning activities accelerated by WhisperPhone are reading, spelling, editing, writing, language learning, music, and theater. How does raising phonemic awareness benefit each?
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Learning Disabilities

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists have researched and found the benefits. WhisperPhone enhances therapy efforts.
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Don’t Just Take Our Word

The benefits of WhisperPhone’s many teaching methods are backed by research. Proven by experts in language development, WhisperPhone is effective at enhancing readers’ learning.
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