Do you offer special pricing for large orders?
Yes. Price discounts begin with as few as 12 WhisperPhones. 

Does the WhisperPhone qualify for Title I and Reading First funds?
Yes. We have many customers from numerous states who order WhisperPhones using Reading First funds and Title I funds. WhisperPhone qualifies for this funding because it positively impacts phonemic awareness, reading fluency, and comprehension. 

How do I assemble the WhisperPhone?
The orange ring snaps FIRMLY into the headband on either side (it is reversible).

How do I wear the WhisperPhone?
The headband fits behind the head and over the ears. The scoop should be in front of the mouth, and it can be adjusted by holding the orange ring and adjusting the scoop. 

*The WhisperPhone Is Reversible!

To wear the WhisperPhone on the other ear, simply “pop” the orange ring off of the navy blue headband (while keeping the acoustical boom in place). Notice the “L” for left ear and “R” for right ear on the orange ring. The desired side should point toward the scoop. (For example, if the user prefers the left ear, then the “L” on the orange ring should be nearest to the scoop.) Then “pop” the orange ring attachment into the open bay on the other side of the navy headband. Continue above with step three.


  1. Remove the WhisperPhone from the resealable storage pouch.
  2. “Unfold” the WhisperPhone by holding the orange ring and rotating the acoustical boom so that it extends outward from the navy headband.
  3. Flex the headband out to bring it over your head and around the neck. The acoustical boom should be to the right of the user’s head.*
  4. Bring the headband up to rest over both ears (similar to eyeglasses).
  5. While holding the orange ring, pivot the boom so the end is close to the mouth (the closer it is to the mouth, the better the signal).
  6. Speak softly into the end of the WhisperPhone.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs depend on how many WhisperPhones you order and your "ship to" location. For large orders you can request pricing at service@whisperphone.com 

Is it safe to have learners share a WhisperPhone?
Yes. WhisperPhones are like any other surface in the classroom except they are dishwasher safe! You can also use anti-bacterial wipes to clean them.

What research has been done to support the WhisperPhone’s effectiveness?
There has been a lot of relevant research conducted to draw a conclusive link between WhisperPhone and the results our customers see every day.

How do I clean the WhisperPhone?
The WhisperPhone is dishwasher safe, and you can clean it with anti-bacterial wipes.

What size should I buy?
We suggest the regular model for students in kindergarten through grade 4 & the XL model for students in grade 5 to adult.

Is WhisperPhone compatible or functional with hearing aids?
It depends on the type of hearing aid in use. WhisperPhone is compatible with an ITE (in the ear) aid, as our product rests simply outside of the ear and accommodates the space for a typical size ITE aid. However, a BTE (behind the ear) style aid poses a bit of a challenge in that the receiver for BTE aids hangs behind the ear, disallowing receiver and WhisperPhone alignment.

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